by Lealoo

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released October 11, 2009

written by: am & evi
performed by: lealoo
produced by: filip misek




Lealoo Hlavní město Praha, Czech Republic

Lealoo project started in 2004 as promising discovery by local internet radio. In following years Czech and Slovak alternative FM radios begin to rotate Lealoo's songs from the first CD Pinions. As a band, Lealoo made it to finals of several band contests and performed abroad as well: e.g. WGT Festival in Germany. In 2009, their last album Period that soon was broadcasted all around the Europe. ... more

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Track Name: intro
Track Name: refined
glass little balls all around,
shaking in harsh sound.
million iron stings all in me,
speaking dreadful plea.

can't get rid of the odd flashbacks,
they are stuck in my head.
and i'm running and i'm hiding,
can't escape the feeling.

the weird notion sneaks in roughly
despite the tremor.
and i'm running and i'm hiding,
can't escape the feeling.

i'm rambling through the limbo,
with my alter ego.
and i'm running and i'Wm hiding,
can't escape the feeling.

meet me in my sick mind,
schizophrenia refined.
or just let me at you ease,
with hundreds of my fears.
Track Name: ocean trip
grey sky,
and sand between my fingers.
deep silence around me.
lone mind,
i'm lost the wind is witness,
the tempting sea.

water on my toes
water on my ankles
water on my knees
water on my thighs
water on my hips
water on my waist.

sufferings release me,
that's my only plea.
i'm half,
nothing would complete me,
will the sea?

water on my breasts
water on my neck
water on my lips
water on my nose
water in my ears
water in my eyes.

and i feel like the water wraps me up,
and i'm hovering at the edge.
there's no point in holding up,
the death won't be misjudged.
and i'm fainting into the darkness,
slowly fading, slowly fading.

stars i can't see
and the moon on the tree,
salt in my eyes
when i pity all my lies.
cold of the bay
and the sky which is grey,
wind and the sand
and the sea and the edge,
point of the death,
Track Name: my favourite place
the smell of soap,
gloomy light and tight space.
bottom of a closet -
my favourite place.

through the days of void
i was carried through without a doubt
by the endless hope i'll run on you
when i'll be down and out.

feeling so unreal,
so open your eyes, still try to hold on.
step in between,
sorrow and grief, and this will stay on.

and one day i saw
no matter who you are,
no matter who is close,
we are all alone
in our small lives
and there's no choice.

and one day i saw
no matter who am i,
no matter who is close,
i'll be all alone
in my small life
and there's no choice.
Track Name: heartcore
darksome while,
darksome while, alone
within four walls.

empty smile,
empty smile for unknown

cold and numb,
cold and numb my pain
became just when
everything turned out vein
and so slow.

and so slow,
it's noisy beat would wake me up.

weave my feelings into a horror scene,
scary faceless hooded figures.
place me tied and gagged
somewhere in between,
i promise i won't close my eyes.

i hear it calling just come close to me,
can't stand the lovely voice.
whispers sweet
and promises to set me free,
while binds me up the cords.

and i won't let the fright to stop my heart,
its noisy beat would wake me up.
still it can easily tear my mind apart,
it's not a dream, it's not a dream.
Track Name: breathe in
still there, waiting long,
i won't dare, i'm not so strong.

you're still there, i''m waiting long,
big despair will let me on.

but you seem
you don't show emotions, affections
and i try to understand
why am i breathing.

you won't care i'm almost gone,
i won't dare i'm not so strong.

when my eyes try to shout
watching you i find out,
that the hardest thing on earth
is to breathe in, breathe out, breathe in.
Track Name: voodoo
poisoned pins, sharp needles,
little doll and string of your hair.
tiny coffin, potion oil,
this will trace you up anywhere.
try to run, try to sneak,
try to cheat, there's no retreat for you.

with each stab in you i'm reborning,
with each spell i mouth i'm reviving,
when i help your guilt to fade away.

in each every glimpse of your eye
i taste desperate pleading,
one more spell i whisper
you black out and i see you.

i see you bleeding.

then i'm standing there
with my mind free,
the sky above has become clear
when i killed my fear of loving you.
Track Name: i'm your shadow
if you come one step closer,
i will run a mile away.
but if you hint at leaving,
i'll force you to stay.

and if you winked at me,
i'd pretend you don't exist.
but if i'm disregarded,
on your care i do insist.

your decent inattention
makes me want you more and more.
the only trigger of my hunger for you
is that i feel ignored.

and if it seems you're not so cold,
i'm loosing all my attention.
the most exciting game i know
is never-ending seduction.

i'm your shadow,
try to catch me and i run away,
try to escape and i block your way.
if you touch me i'll disappear
and if you rush out i'll adhere.

unattainable you are
and that's provoking
it's the only thing on you
that's attracts me.
it's not your faith,
your real cuteness,
it's just that fact
that you're impossible to get.
Track Name: all the tears
all the spheres are full of water,
saline water full of pain.
taste the flavour,
or just suck my vein.

round-shaped ones are stretching,
as the air is going by.
falling down
and waiting for the last moment.

my tear,
has got nothing but a crisp,
morning in its life.
howled down,
everything by wind lisp,
hold breath, five

seconds is the only time tear has,
it knows the night is here.
without fear,
little droplet awaits the sting.

that moment came in precise way,
drop splashed with no enjoy.
just end of me,
swan lust for own-destroy.

for a drop,
there is nothing but a crisp,
mourning in its life.
roared down,
everything by wind lisp,
whole breath fife.
Track Name: noiseless
have to hide my restless heart,
it's easier when it's halved
and wash the smile of my face.

have to cry 3 happy tears,
live 9 seconds like 9 years,
pretend nothing is what it seems.

waiting for you my desired nightmare,
joined with silver fibre flying out there,
day or night dream i'm in i don't care.

i search for love in disguise,
like deaf i hear only with eyes,
i'll find the truth in all your lies.

will you touch my noiseless sigh,
while watching northern-lights at the sky,
will the pure emotion drop by?

loosing my weight i'm floating too high,
can't see anything else than black sky,
so far i'm sinking in fate's eye.